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Students All Learning Together


Rehoboth is dedicated to welcoming all learners into our classrooms.


Belonging means that all students, including those of various physical, cognitive, learning, and social-emotional needs are valued members of our classroom families.

RCS strives to create a loving, inclusive environment for students with varying needs, and to inspire these students to know their own God-given strength, power, and potential, and confidently pursue their passions for the Glory of God.


SALT/Special Education Services

Rehoboth Christian is an inclusive school. We wholeheartedly believe in and teach the importance of everyone belonging… belonging to God, to the body of Christ, to our families, to our school community, and to our classroom families. 
We are committed to supporting academic, social-emotional, and spiritual growth for all students so that they may reach their full potential. Our comprehensive programming includes educational support services, inclusion services, and personalized support.
Our SALT Team partners with parents and staff in providing individualized support and instruction to students with unique learning needs.