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Why Rehoboth

Vigorously Academic |  Beautifully Diverse  | Thoroughly Christian 

Vigorously Academic

Rehoboth Christian School seeks to provide an excellent education, creating a strong foundation for all of its students. Upon completion of their education at Rehoboth, our graduates leave equipped to pursue a liberal arts or technical college education, or to enter the work force or serve in the military. We provide transformative learning experiences to prepare our students to become leaders in their communities, professions and churches. 

Beautifully Diverse

Rehoboth is committed to celebrating the many cultures that make up our student body. We celebrate our diversity through music, art, literature, events, food and Navajo and Spanish language classes. Our students represent a number of Christian denominations and come from diverse economic backgrounds. 

Thoroughly Christian

Our teachers are committed to helping their students have a deeper understanding of God. We use a model called Teaching for Transformation (TFT) to accomplish the tasks of both academic education and faith formation. This model includes strategies that build intentional learning environments, encourage students to engage deeply with their faith and learning, and connect their knowledge and skills with the real work of God's Kingdom.  We believe that the TFT methodologies, when combined with a sensitivity toward diversity and a celebration of diversity, yields the kind of mission-driven results we all desire. 

What are parents saying about Rehoboth?

In the latest parent survey these were some responses to why parents are committed to Rehoboth. 
  • "Rehoboth is concerned about the students and work with them and the parents so the students can achieve their highest potential."
  • "My child has excelled in their reading. I like that the school encourages reading and motivates the children to read and excel all through their other courses."
  • "Upon our daughter getting to Rehoboth, her reading improved dramatically.  In 3 months at Rehoboth she was reading.  I feel that this was due to the FAST program and Mrs. Holwerda's dedication on working with her.  We appreciate it and encourage anyone that we hear struggling with reading to try Rehoboth School."
  • "Christ-centered education, caring teachers, attention, quality education."
  • "Love the teachers. They all seem very invested in the students and enthusiastic about teaching.  I appreciate the support with college applications for the seniors."
  • "Rehoboth is a school that has so many opportunities for the students and so many benefits as well.  Some of the things that separate Rehoboth is that it is very small and its a good thing because you can have one on one time with the teachers and they can provide you with so much help."
  • "Staff truly cares about the kids."