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Director's Welcome

During my life, I have had the privilege of being in several plays or musicals. Usually, sometime during the season of rehearsals leading up to the production, I would have a dream in which I was ready to go on stage but could not remember my lines. Often I would not even know what the production was about- but I needed to step out in front of the crowd and be part of the story. I guess it was more of a nightmare than a dream.

“See the Story, Live the Story” is Rehoboth’s invitation for students to get to know God’s story and to help nurture and empower them as they take up their role in it.  Students must understand the plot of what has already happened so that they can step into the unfinished acts of God’s drama. Christian theologian NT Wright suggests that we need to know God’s story well so  that we can participate with “consistency and innovation.” The rich drama of God’s unfolding love, grace, and restoration is something we want our students to both experience and be a part of as actors in God’s kingdom- not just upon graduation but in their living today.  Our prayer is that students will be able to approach life with confidence instead of fear- because they know the Story of which they are a part. 

Bob Ippel  
Executive Director