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Internal Scholarships

Rehoboth Internal Scholarships

Internal scholarships are donor scholarships offered in the fall and spring for our students. Each scholarship has specific eligibilities and requirements. Scholarship applications are available at each school's reception desk, the administration building, and online.  Applications and all documents can be returned at the school, administration building, or by email. 

Donor Scholarships

The following donor scholarships are now closed. They will be available Fall 2024. 
  • Olson Memorial Scholarship
  • Mina & Colleen Polinder Memorial Scholarship
  • Visscher Scholarship
  • Harvey Dine' Language Scholarship
  • Maria Hoelscher Memorial Scholarship
  • Top Family Scholarship
  • Lauber Scholarship

Internal scholarships awarded

Rehoboth students were awarded $17,000 in donor scholarships for the 2022 year.