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High School Curriculum

Rehoboth Christian High School meets New Mexico’s requirements for graduation and ensures that students who finish their time with us are well-prepared for what lies next—whether that’s further study in college, enlistment in the military, learning a trade, or entering the workforce.

Our respect for Native Culture comes out in the content of our classes, the diversity of teachers who work with our students, and the real-life experiences that our learners have together.

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SAC Week

A couple of times each year, RCHS students and teachers pause from their regular courses of study to pursue unique learning opportunities in the community, dive deeper into topics that wouldn’t otherwise be studied, or explore more fully their areas of passion and interest. We call it Student Alternative Curriculum Week, or SAC Week for short.

Click here for an example of our SAC Week course catalog.

Fine Arts


Instrumental Music communicates in ways that words can’t. It touches something deep in our souls and spreads light in the darkness. Our band program works hard to select pieces that not only educates students about the major eras within the history of music, but also reflects the unique culture and history of the Southwest and its Native peoples.

Beginning in Middle School, students at Rehoboth Christian have the opportunity to learn a band instrument and participate in band class multiple days each week. All of this practice and learning culminates in various concert performances throughout the school. When students reach high school, the number of class days each week increases, and in addition to the school concerts, the members of the high school band participate in a national tour every other year in the spring. In both middle school and high school, qualifying students participate in All-State Honor Band events; and the high school band competes for a New Mexico state championship every year.

The Rehoboth Christian High School Choir explores many genres of music as they serve the community through choral music. The choir presents annual concerts including a December Christmas Concert at Sacred Heart Cathedral and the annual Spring Fling held on the Rehoboth campus. The choir often has the opportunity to join other The choir sings in area churches and statewide civic celebrations. The choir participates in a national tour every other year. Those with a passion for choral music may try out for Cantabile, an auditioned choral ensemble that meets outside the regular school day. Students may also try out for the New Mexico Youth All State Choir or New Mexico All State Choir. Choir participants enjoy the benefits of communal singing which is an important part of teaching the “whole child.”

The Rehoboth Drama programs in the middle and high schools perform plays and shorter programs to share the gift of communication and expression. Drama performances allow students and teachers to study language and human behaviors, and to create and design backdrops and settings. Students are able to collaborate and encourage one another as they practice and rehearse. Many of our students are able to share their gifts of creativity and expression alongside one another. We glorify God with the gifts of language, creativity, and expression.

Visual Arts
Rehoboth Christian School students are blessed with both broad and deep exposure to the visual arts. Beginning in middle school, students take on various art mediums in projects that range in both size and scope. Continuing into high school, multiple Art classes offer training in clay pottery, large and small format painting, weaving, basket making, and even woodworking.

Visual art is distinctive of the American Southwest and of Native peoples. With the training of master artist, Elmer Yazzie, Rehoboth students begin to understand the significance of art as both a cultural and Christian practice. They consider their own voices and the mediums that best communicate their messages to the world. It’s not uncommon for Rehoboth student artwork to be featured in the Gallup Art Community, and the school finds ways to showcase these pieces in a meaningful way