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Tuition Assistance

You are welcome to schedule an educational consultation to get a quote, a tour of the school, and meet with the principal. 

Tuition Assistance (TA):

Tuition at Rehoboth Christian School is charged according to family income. When applying for TA, your tuition cost will fall in one of the 3 tiers:
  • Tier 1: Full Pay with no tuition assistance from RCS
  • Tier 2: Partial Pay where tuition is charged based on income at the rate of 11.22% of adjusted gross income (AGI) for the first student per family.  For each additional family member (grades K-12) 3.06% adjusted gross income (AGI) will be added for each student to the tuition charge
    For example: if you have 2 students attending, we will ask you to pay 14.28% (11.22% for 1st child + 3.06% for 2nd child) of your income to tuition.
  • Tier 3: The minimum tuition charge is $3,570 for the first family member, plus $1,530 for each additional family member accepted into grades K-­12.

How to apply for Tuition Assistance (TA)?

In your admission application you will be able to download a TA application, or you may stop at the administration office to pick up a copy.  Tuition assistance is applied to every school year. 
Return the tuition assistance application with the most recent 1040 tax documents to the administration building, or you may bring with you when you return all student documents.
If you are offered a seat for admission, you will receive a tuition contract that will list a breakdown of tuition cost, tuition assistance offered based off of income and options to pay. By signing the tuition contract you are signing to accept admission and tuition cost obligation for the school year. 





Over 75% of families received Tuition Assistance with an average of $4,000/child