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Sponsorship Participation

What is Sponsorship?

The Sponsorship Program aims to build relationships with families that attend Rehoboth and the sponsors that support Rehoboth. The money that is provided from our sponsors goes into the tuition assistance fund, not towards family tuition responsibility. With the financial support received from Sponsors and other supporters around the country, Rehoboth is able to provide an average of $3,500 in tuition assistance, making Rehoboth’s education as affordable as possible. 

Throughout the years, the selection process has relatively stayed the same. We select students that qualify for free/reduced lunch or the minimum tuition level, are of Native American descent, and are ambassadors for Christ. This program is truly a partnership between families and our supporters. Students are able to share prayer needs, accomplishments and how the education here at Rehoboth is enabling them and preparing them for life after Rehoboth.

Student Sponsorship, in many ways, is a ministry to share with our brothers and sisters in Christ what God is able to do in our communities, and through this partnership that we are able to maintain our individuality, culture, and identity as God created us.

Facts about the Sponsorship Program

No. The gifts from sponsors are applied to Rehoboth's Tuition Assistance Fund. Families that are part of the program have been chosen to be ambassadors to our supporters. 

The Sponsorship Program aid helps in lowering the average family tuition cost for families of about an average of $4,500. The Student Sponsorship Program is crucial to helping provide an average of $200,000 a year in tuition assistance. Without the connections and partnerships between Sponsored Students and Sponsors, less tuition assistance would be available for all families attending Rehoboth and thus the cost would be higher. 

Letters are sent home with students to their guardians explaining how the program works, and the responsibilities of a Sponsored Student. Families part of the program are expected to:

  • Fill out consent forms to participate in the program. 
  • Write a minimum of 2 thank you cards.
  • Fill out a student profile to be sent to their sponsor(s).
  • Maintain good grades and be in good standing in their classes.


Participation in the program is akin to participating in sports and completing homework. If these things are not completed in a timely manner, Sponsored Students will be pulled out of classes or attend after-school sessions to finish work.

The Advancement Office will not give your mailing address or phone number without your verbal consent. We require all correspondences from both sponsor and student to be processed through the Advancement Office for the safety and security of both parties.