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School Lunch Program

RCS participates in the New Mexico Free/Reduced program:
Please return the Free/Reduced NM application to the RCS Administration Building. 

If at anytime throughout the school year a change in income occurs, please update your Free/Reduced NM application. 

RCS Wellness Policy  
Click here to read our Wellness Policy

Wellness Team Representatives
  • Childcare Center Director: Eryn Hannink
  • Champion/Food Service Authority: Susan Eddy
  • Physical Education: Myron Postma
  • Parent: Autumn Newell 
  • Teachers: Tim Bruinius
  • Staff: Melvina Musket 
  • Student: Johnathon Copley, Philip Eddy
  • School Nurse: Rachel Terborg
  • Administration: Bob Ippel

As required by law, a local wellness policy, at a minimum, shall include:
  • Goals for nutrition education, physical activity and other school-based activities that are designed to promote student wellness.
  • Nutrition guidelines for all foods available on campus during the school day with the objective of promoting student health and reducing childhood obesity.
  • Guidelines for reimbursable school meals.
  • A plan for measuring implementation of the wellness policy, including the designation of one or more persons within the school, as appropriate, charged with operational responsibility for ensuring that the school fulfills the local wellness 
  • Community involvement, including parents, students, and representatives of the school food authority, the school board, school administrators, and the public in the development of the school wellness policy.
  • Parties & Celebrations
  • Screen Time & handheld devices.
  • Staff Wellness
  • Family engagement