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Rehoboth Christian School is sustained by committed donors and parents.

Last year over 2,000 donors contributed 1.8 million dollars to Rehoboth.  Rehoboth’s existence is also dependent on parents who faithfully support Rehoboth through tuition payments. The cost of tuition is based on family income. 

In addition, unique family situations and circumstances are addressed through the Lynx Scholarship. Other external and internal scholarships are also available for students.  Parents have the option of paying tuition payments monthly beginning as early as June for a 12 month payment plan or, they can pay in full for a 5% discount.

Rehoboth seeks to work with families who truly want a Rehoboth Christian education .  We are also aware monetary assistance can come from not only parents but other family members. We want to partner with you in your desire to provide an education that is “vigorously academic, thoroughly Christian and beautifully diverse.

Students received an average of $4,491 in tuition assistance this 2019-2020 school year