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A Message from the Principal

Thank you for visiting the Rehoboth Christian Middle School Website.  My name is Peter Ippel and I am the Elementary and Middle School principal here at Rehoboth.  I moved to New Mexico with my family in 1993 when I was 9 years old and graduated from Rehoboth Christian School in 2002.  I am in the middle of my second year at Rehoboth and I’m loving every minute of it.  

I am so glad you are taking the time to check out what is truly unique about this place.  In these pages, you will get a glimpse of the amazing things God is doing in this place.  However, webpages can never convey the warmth, the community and the feeling of acceptance you will notice when you step foot on this campus.  

At Rehoboth Christian Middle School, we spend time “Unwrapping God’s Gifts.”  We strive to help each student explore and develop the wide variety of gifts that God has given them.  Mid schoolers spend time expanding their abilities in the gifts they’ve already recognized, but they also spend time exploring new things and developing gifts that they may not have even known they had before.  It is this that makes Rehoboth Christian Middle School unique. I can’t wait to meet you!  

Peter Ippel
Principal - Elementary & Middle School