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Welcome from the RECC Director

Welcome to Rehoboth Early Childhood Center!  We are a program that believes in the power of play as a foundation for learning.  Our three classrooms serve 52 students ages 3-5.  The early years of a child’s life should be filled with wonder and exploration.  We are committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment for your child to build the foundations of learning.

We are a team working together - families and teachers - to provide an excellent early childhood experience for our children.  If you have any questions, please contact me or stop by for a visit.  

Sincerely, Nicole Steiger
Director of Rehoboth Early Childhood Center



It is our mission to offer a warm, accepting atmosphere in which the whole child and his/her family can grow – emotionally, socially, creatively, intellectually, and physically.


Rehoboth Early Childhood Center believes that children learn best through play.  We provide an environment where children can explore, discover, learn, and grow through play.  Classrooms include opportunities for children to develop a sense of wonder and joy.  These are the foundations for life-long learning.  We focus on the growth and development of the whole child - social, emotional, physical, and intellectual - through partnership with families.  Our teachers work alongside as navigators and guides, showing children new concepts, building on prior knowledge, and using the classroom materials as a way for the child to explore and make new knowledge of their own.


We use the Creative Curriculum® for Preschool. The curriculum is designed to build each child’s confidence, creativity, and critical thinking skills through hands-on, project-based learning and focused, daily opportunities to build essential foundational skills in literacy and math.  The curriculum and its materials are intentionally designed to help teachers…

  1. Build classroom community. First and foremost, we want everyone at our school to feel safe, happy, and included.
  2. Develop children’s important skills through play. The curriculum is designed to build each child’s reading and math skills, while also helping children discover that learning is empowering and school is fun. 
  3. Guide interesting, long-term project learning. The curriculum helps us dive deeply into science and social studies concepts through hands-on “studies” of interesting topics, using everyday materials in ways that maximize children’s natural curiosity and eagerness to grow. 
  4. Pay attention to each child’s strengths, needs, and interests. The curriculum’s daily resources help us make sure each child is gently challenged but not frustrated. 
  5. Offer many ways for families to be involved. We want every child’s family to be our partners in guiding children’s development and learning and building a solid foundation for future success in school and in life. 
  6. Celebrate children’s learning. Together, we will honor the excitement of learning and the joy of growing up.