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Common Myths

What you may hear about us but here is the truth...

It may have started as a ministry just for Native American students but today Rehoboth prides itself on its diverse student body with 75% Native American students and 25%  Anglo, Latino, African American, and Asian. Our motto includes being “beautifully diverse” and we strive to celebrate every student’s cultural heritage.

We are not only culturally diverse but economically diverse as well. Rehoboth bases its tuition off of the family income by offering tuition assistance.  We are always open to talk personally to see how much tuition assistance families qualify for. We also offer additional internal scholarships and have external scholarship opportunities as well.

Although we still have the facilities, our dorm program ended in 2001 and they are now being used by our volunteer program.  Since then, we have expanded our bus transportation program with routes that travel as far as Crownpoint, Tohatchi, Ft. Defiance, Houck, and Zuni along with some Gallup hub stops. 

Rehoboth is committed to celebrating and respecting the Native American culture. We celebrate through our community in music, reading, events, food and by offering courses such as the Navajo language. 

The Rehoboth Early Childhood Center (RECC) is made up of three classes between 3 & 4  year olds. Our Pre-K program is a grant we acquired through the State of New Mexico. It is a free program with no tuition cost.

We offer support services such as the Title I program for elementary students struggling with Math and/or Reading.  We also offer academic support for our middle school and high school students as well as counseling services for students in need.

86% of our families are faithfully involved with a Bible believing church but we are also a ministry. We listen to the needs of parents who desire a Christian education.

Athletics is an important part of our Christian education and encourage all students to participate with the talent and skills God has given them.  Rehoboth is a part of the Class 2A Division for High School sports and we offer 6th- 8th grade Middle School sports. We also offer other extra-curricular activities for students to get involved with.