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Current Needs

Tuition Assistance

Through May 5, we have received close to $1.7 million towards our tuition assistance need of $1.85 million. We are thankful that our teachers continue to provide a Rehoboth Christian Education to our students through online and distance learning opportunities. Please help with our remaining tuition assistance need of $172,149 by making a gift between now and June 30th. Thank you again for faithfully providing for our students and families!

Jubilee Fund

Life is changing rapidly as the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread. At Rehoboth, many of our families have been affected financially due to job loss or a reduction in the sales revenue of arts and crafts. Our desire is to assist these families as they are struggling to keep their tuition payments at the level they had intended.  Please help us step into the lives of our families with a gift to the Rehoboth Jubilee Fund by clicking this link.

Amazon Wish List

Our teachers and staff have shared items needed for classrooms, food service, maintenance, athletics, and administration. Click here to see how you can help!   

Athletic Sponsorship

This annual program helps to provide for our athletic needs while promoting your business.  Click here for this school year’s needs and how you can sign up to be a sponsor. 

Current Campaign

Transportation Campaign

The Rehoboth Board and Association have approved a capital campaign to raise $600,000 to cover the cost of six new propane-fueled buses and a fueling station.  Each new Blue Bird Vision 71 passenger bus has a cost of $95,945.

The stretch goal for our transportation campaign includes raising an additional $175,000 for a new Blue Bird All American Activities bus, which will be used not only for our field trips, music tours, and athletics needs but also serve as a backup for our daily route buses. 

We hope to have the funds raised soon so that we can have the buses purchased and delivered as soon as possible to help us for next school year.  We have been blessed with commitments amounting to $203,213 in addition to a grant from the VW Settlement Fund that was recently awarded and will cover 25% of the cost of each bus, totaling $143,916. The remaining need for the initial goal of 6 propane-fueled buses is $249,871. 

Our campaign brochure can be found here.

To give to the Transportation Capital Campaign, click here.

Donate Today!

Click here to give online!

To give by check:
If you would like to send a check in the mail, please mail to: 
Rehoboth Christian School 
Attn: Advancement
PO Box 41 
Rehoboth, NM
Please indicate the program or gift designation in the memo line. Checks should be made out to Rehoboth Christian School.