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Rehoboth Christian School was founded in 1903 as a ministry to the Native American people of the Four Corners region. Today, Rehoboth continues its ministry through education with multiculturalism as a backdrop, serving approximately 75% Native American students, 17% Anglo students, and 8% of students of Hispanic descent and other ethnic minorities. Rehoboth is committed to building students up not only intellectually, but also spiritually and emotionally, helping them grow into mature Christians.


Mission Statement: 

Rehoboth Christian School challenges its students to know the Triune God and equips them to love, serve and transform the world in His name.

Vision Statement: 

Rehoboth aspires to be light in our world by bringing hope and opportunity through life-changing Christian education.


Vigorously Academic, Beautifully Diverse, Thoroughly Christian.


Core Values/Shared Commitments: 

Rehoboth Christian School claims the following core values and shared commitments. We believe that these commitments make our school distinctive in the past and in the present. And we collectively pledge to insure that Rehoboth will always retain these values and this identity:

Academic: We are claiming to be vigorously academic. Our intent is to take each student and challenge and equip them with discipline and experience. We do not define ourselves as a prep school that admits only students of high academic achievement. Rather, we admit students we believe we can serve well and who, with their parents, are willing to covenant with us to give solid and consistent effort toward academic achievement.

Diverse: We intend to be beautifully diverse, serving primarily the Native American community, but not exclusively. We understand the enormous privilege it is to have a student body of mixed ethnicity. Each ethnic group brings wonderful patterns and values to the whole, enabling students not only to learn how other groups function, but further to learn to cherish the experience, opportunity, and friendship that often results. Further, diversity shows itself in more ways than ethnicity. At Rehoboth there is also significant economic, academic, and denominational diversity, which we believe contributes to the richness of a Rehoboth education.

Christian: Rehoboth strives to be "thoroughly Christian." The range and scope of Christ's claim is over the whole educational enterprise. If Christ is Lord of all of life, if our whole world belongs to God, then there is not one small part of our task that is outside of God's care and concern. We endeavor to emphasize and enact in both form and substance a comprehensive, holistic, thoroughly Biblical educational program.

Communal: Rehoboth values community. We are committed to keeping RCS a comparatively small school that provides a safe environment for all who are present. We value the participation of parents and families in the life of the school. Our students will receive individual attention from caring adults who will teach, tutor, mentor and pray for their growth and maturity. Too, our staff will practice Christian community in their professional and personal lives.

Native Culture: Rehoboth Christian School is committed to respecting Native culture and language. While all cultural patterns throughout time and history need to be evaluated by Biblical standards and transformed accordingly, we honor those aspects of Native culture that enrich and model Christian living and desire to be a school that is sensitive to the cultural context in which we live.

Educational Philosophy

Rehoboth Christian School challenges its students to know the Triune God and equips them to love, serve and transform the world in His name. That mission statement guides what we do as an organization, both now and into the future.

As an institution of learning, we know that we accomplish that mission through the work of education, summed up in our motto: Vigorously Academic. Beautifully Diverse. Thoroughly Christian. That motto brings key ideas to light—the academic excellence to which we aspire, the diverse context of our school community, and the Christian training and faith formation we hope to provide.

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Faith Statement

Rehoboth Christian School has existed and flourished on the beautiful land of the Native peoples in New Mexico for well over a hundred years, when a school, a hospital, and a church were planted by missionaries of the Christian Reformed Church. In that long sweep of time, our school has grown and changed and made errors, and God has been faithful to us through all of it.

This document provides a brief descriptive overview of how our beliefs influence our mission as a school. Our history plants us in the theological stream of the Reformed tradition of the Christian faith. We are, by design and delight, a community of diverse beliefs, but these historical roots continue to inform our work at RCS, most explicitly in the following ways:

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Land Acknowledgement

Founded in 1903, Rehoboth Christian School was a mission of the Christian Reformed Church in North America. It has since taken on its own Board of Trustees and is now considered a parent-run school. Rehoboth’s location is called Tse Yaaniichii in Diné Bizaad, which means, “the place where the Red Rocks end.”

We need to protect and honor the history and people of this place. Rehoboth acknowledges that its work is being done on the ancestral lands of the Navajo, Zuni and other tribes. Our school has grown on this land to become a place of beautiful diversity. To work, learn, and thrive here, we must embrace the diverse nature of the school, take great pleasure in it, and set our minds to wrestle with our history and all the issues that come with diversity. We are committed to possessing and fostering a sense of cultural humility—the desire to know more, to learn, to wonder, and to celebrate the story of one another.