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Sponsorship Program

Rehoboth Christian School was founded in 1903 as a ministry to the Native American people of the Four Corners region. Today, Rehoboth continues its ministry through education serving approximately 70% Native American students, 20% Anglo students, and 10% students of Hispanic descent and other ethnic minorities. 

Rehoboth is committed to making sure Christian education is both accessible and affordable for its families. With nearly 75% of its students receiving tuition assistance, and with the rising cost of education in general, Rehoboth must raise a significant amount every year for its annual needs. 

With an approximate tuition cost of $7,900 and half the households in McKinley County earning approximately $30,336 per year, it would cost families almost 25% of their annual income to send a single child to Rehoboth. While 51% of Rehoboth Christian School students live in low-income households, Rehoboth continually sends over 90% of its students to colleges and universities. 

The Student Sponsorship Program is an excellent opportunity to enter into a partnership with a Native American family and help them provide a quality, Christian education for their child(ren). For as little as $300 a year you can sponsor a Rehoboth student. 


For more information, please contact Elizabeth Lynch at 505-726-9609 or

If you are a current sponsor, please send a tax-deductible gift to:

Rehoboth Christian School
Attn: Sponsorship Program
Po Box 41
Rehoboth, NM


Or give online today! Please specify your total pledge amount for the school year in the memo box. Your pledge can be paid in increments anytime between now and the end of our school year in June.

Email Your Student

Sponsors can email a message to their sponsored student(s) to encourage them during their school year at Rehoboth Christian School.



Email your student!