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Sponsorship Program

Rehoboth Christian School was founded in 1903 as a ministry to the Native American people of the Four Corners region. Today, Rehoboth continues its ministry through education, serving approximately 79% Native American students, 16% caucasian students, and 5% Hispanic, Asian and African American students. 

Rehoboth is committed to making sure Christian education is both accessible and affordable for its families. With nearly 75% of its students receiving tuition assistance, and with the rising cost of education in general, Rehoboth must raise a significant amount every year for its annual needs. 

With an approximate tuition cost of $7,900 and half the households in McKinley County earning approximately $30,336 per year, it would cost families almost 25% of their annual income to send a single child to Rehoboth. While 51% of Rehoboth Christian School students live in low-income households, Rehoboth continually sends over 90% of its students to colleges and universities. 

We are grateful for our many partners- individuals, churches, businesses, and foundations who bless us with their gifts year after year, sustaining the work that began so many years ago!



What does the Sponsorship Program Do?


Help provide an opportunity for our students to receive Christian Education 

There is a significant gap between the cost of education and what Rehoboth parents can afford to pay for tuition. The Sponsorship Program helps provide tuition assistance for families who desire a Christian Education for their children but cannot afford the full cost of tuition. Your support through the Sponsorship Program provides that assistance, bridging the gap and making a life-changing education possible for children who otherwise can become trapped in a cycle of poverty, hopelessness, and limitation.

Create a Partnership with our Native American families

The Student Sponsorship Program is an excellent opportunity to enter into a partnership with a Native American family and help them provide a quality, Christian education for their child(ren). For as little as $500 a year you can sponsor a Rehoboth student! Because of the work of Rehoboth Christian School, hundreds of Navajo and Zuni students are receiving a top notch education and are provided opportunities to learn and grow through our unique programming and dedicated Christian teachers.

Build a Christ centered Relationship and give encouragement to our students

Here in the Four Corners region of the United States, the devastation of poverty, alcoholism, gambling, unemployment, gang violence, domestic abuse, and teen suicide hides in unexpected places. Our students are in need of emotional and spiritual support, Christ-centered love and encouragement. Your prayers for their safety, educational and spiritual development are critical. Sponsored students greatly value your prayers, and delight in the partnership our school has had with its supporters. 

Become a Sponsor!

Sponsorship Coordinator Contact Information

  Name Title Group Contact
Destiney Peywa Peywa, Destiney Sponsorship Coordinator Sponsorship 505-726-9604

Join the Sponsorship Program

If you have a current Rehoboth Christian School student and are interested in having them become a part of our Sponsorship Program, please contact our Sponsorship Coordinator at or by phone at 505-726-9604. 

Become A Sponsor!

I would like to help sponsor a student and I would like to join the Sponsorship Program!

Please fill out a Sponsorship Application under the “Become a Sponsor” link to the left of this page. 

Email Your Student

Sponsors can email a message to their sponsored student(s) to encourage them during their school year at Rehoboth Christian School.