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The area surrounding Rehoboth is rich with the beauty of Native American cultures. The inscriptions on the red rocks remind us of the long history of this area. With Rehoboth as your destination, you’ll experience the Navajo and Zuni cultures through art, dance, music, weaving, storytelling, and cuisine. From making fry bread to viewing ruins on the reservation, your group will take part in an authentic cultural experience. Honorariums of $50 – $100 are recommended for individuals who share aspects of culture with guests.

Navajo Code Talker Center

A part of Rehoboth Christian Middle School’s library, the Navajo Code Talker and Communication center celebrates how the Navajos served in WWII. Through museum-like displays, learn about Code Talker history.

Window Rock

The capital of the Navajo Nation, Window Rock is 45 minutes from Rehoboth.The window itself is located in a very nice park behind many of the tribal government buildings. While you’re in Window Rock be sure to visit the Zoo! Enjoy walking the loop, viewing native-to-the-area animals and learning their Navajo names! Near the zoo is the cultural center, […]

Zuni Pueblo

Zuni is an ancient pueblo located 40 minutes south of Gallup. Here you can explore a cultural museum, jewelry stores, the pueblo itself, or the Catholic Church with replicas of Zuni kachinas painted on the interior walls. If anyone is baking bread in the outdoor ovens, try a loaf! Also, be sure to stop in at Zuni […] Experience Native Cuisine.


Red or Green? Chile, that is. From warm fry bread to mutton stew, come and experience authentic Native American and Southwestern food. Whether accompanying a family in their home or hogan for a traditional meal or eating at a number of local restaurants, there are plenty of delicious meals to try to broaden your palate.


Rehoboth is in the middle of rodeo country. Rodeos of all shapes and sizes can be found near Gallup and throughout the reservation. The rodeos include such events as barrel racing, breakaway, and team roping, calf roping, bareback and saddle bronc riding, steer wrestling, and bull riding. Families involved in the rodeo are often willing to share their passions […]

Native Music and Dance

A National Monument about 2.5 hours northeast of Gallup, Chaco Canyon features some of the most complete and amazing Anasazi ruins in the vicinity. Pueblo Bonito is the highlight of the Chaco experience for most people.


A traditional Navajo weaver uses an upright loom to tell a story through geometric shapes on her rug. This beautiful art form can be seen in person upon reservation. Throughout the year, there is a unique opportunity to purchase Navajo rugs directly from the weavers themselves at the Crownpoint Rug Auction.

Native Jewelry

Silversmithing is an important art form among Navajo. All along historic Route 66 there are numerous family-owned and operated trading posts in which to find turquoise necklaces, bolo ties, or belt buckles.