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Destiney Peywa
Destiney Peywa
Sponsorship Coordinator
Phone: 505-726-9604
Groups: Advancement,Sponsorship

I went to school here at Rehoboth in kindergarten- fourth grade. and returned back in 2018.I graduated as a homeschooler.
In all my years I never really thought I would return back to Rehoboth, but God had different plans for me which I'm thankful to him for because I work alongside with so many different people and backgrounds and I get to work with students of all ages and grades. I love and enjoy my many different jobs I've had here at Rehoboth working as a substitute teacher, prek assistant and now as the sponsorship coordinator. I'm thankful that God placed me here at Rehoboth to work in a loving caring atmosphere. My deep hope is that all students know they are loved by God and that they will put their trust in God soon.