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Staff Directory

  Name Title Group Contact
Geraldine Anderson Anderson, Geraldine Bus Driver
Dan Arendsen Arendsen, Dan 7/8 History, Bible, Reading Middle School
Kelly Arendsen Arendsen, Kelly Director of Special Education (SALT) Elementary School, High School, Middle School 863-4412
Michael Baldonado Baldonado, Michael 6th gradeTeacher Middle School
DeLyssa Begay Begay, DeLyssa HS - NM History, 9th/10th English High School
Phyllis Begay Begay, Phyllis Lunch Aide Kitchen none
Shawna Begay Begay, Shawna 505726-9632
Deanna Benson Benson, Deanna Campus Hostess and Volunteer Coordinator Administration, Advancement, Sponsorship, Volunteer 505-726-9603
Maureen Bia Bia, Maureen 7th/8th Math Middle School 505-726-9675
Sara Bingley Bingley, Sara Pre-K Lead Teacher PreK
Priscilla (Periskila) Brink Brink, Priscilla (Periskila) Finance Director Administration
Tim Bruinius Bruinius, Tim HS - Biology, Anatomy, AP Calculus, Algebra High School 206-383-1478
Donovan Carlisle Carlisle, Donovan Maintainence Supervisor Maintainance 505-863-4412
Meghan Cavanaugh Cavanaugh, Meghan Worship Coordinator
Anna Christensen Christensen, Anna Choir Teacher High School, Middle School
Tara De Young De Young, Tara 5057269375
Chief Delphina Delphina, Chief
Daniel DeVries DeVries, Daniel HS Bible Teacher
Gail DeYoung DeYoung, Gail
Sue Eddy Eddy, Sue Food Service Director Kitchen
Heather Ensign Ensign, Heather Counselor
Rudy Folkerts Folkerts, Rudy MS/HS Art Teacher High School
Jamie Frederiksen Frederiksen, Jamie Teacher (SALT) Title I Reading Elementary School
Cody Gilliland Gilliland, Cody
Leanne Gillson Gillson, Leanne Kindergarten teacher Elementary School
James Holwerda Holwerda, James Special Ed Elementary School
Lorrinda Horace Horace, Lorrinda 2nd Grade Teacher Elementary School 505-863-4412Ext175
Chris Huizinga Huizinga, Chris HS Counselor/ Physics, Senior Seminar High School 505-726-9675
John Ide Ide, John Substitute Teacher
Bob Ippel Ippel, Bob Executive Director Administration 505-863-4412Ext123
Marie Ippel Ippel, Marie 7th/8th grade Science teacher Middle School
Emily Jeninga Jeninga, Emily Teacher (SALT) Elementary School, Middle School
Shirelle Joe Joe, Shirelle
Clarissa Johnson Johnson, Clarissa 1st grade teacher Elementary School
Beverly Jonkman Jonkman, Beverly 4th/5th grade teacher Elementary School
Rachael Kass Kass, Rachael Kindergarten Teacher Assistant Elementary School
Sean Kass Kass, Sean Network Administrator/ HS AP US History High School 505-726-9630
Amanda Larson Larson, Amanda
Verlena Livingston Livingston, Verlena Director of Community Life Administration, Admissions 505-726-9692
Dorann Louis Louis, Dorann Administrative Secretary Administration 505-726-9635
Camilla Lynch Lynch, Camilla High School Secretary High School 505-726-9632
Marlinda Lytle Lytle, Marlinda Non-employed
Scott MacLaren MacLaren, Scott Math Teacher (SALT) Elementary School 505-863-4412
Chad Meekhof Meekhof, Chad Academic Support, HS American History High School
Dan Meester Meester, Dan High School Principal High School
Melvina Musket Musket, Melvina Development Operations Manager Administration, Advancement
Elizabeth Nakai Nakai, Elizabeth Early PreK Lead Teacher PreK
Erin Neilson Neilson, Erin
Daphne Nelson Nelson, Daphne Mixed Age PreK Lead Teacher PreK
Autumn Newell Newell, Autumn Elementary Art teacher Elementary School, Middle School
Jasmine Newman Newman, Jasmine School Nurse
John Newman Newman, John HS SALT Teacher
Esidro Olguin Olguin, Esidro custodian High School, Maintainance 505-863-4412
Adrian Pete Pete, Adrian Athletic Director/ PE Athletics, High School, Middle School 505-726-9629
Destiney Peywa Peywa, Destiney Aide
Val Peywa Peywa, Val Elementary/ MS secretary Elementary School, Middle School
Kristen Pikaart Pikaart, Kristen Chaplain 505-863-7140
Kate Poortenga Poortenga, Kate 6th grade teacher Middle School
Myron Postma Postma, Myron PE/Health teacher Elementary School, High School, Middle School
Howard Redhouse Redhouse, Howard HS Navajo Teacher High School 505-371-5587
RCS RenWeb RenWeb, RCS
Kevin Ruthven Ruthven, Kevin Chaplain/ HS Bible Teacher High School 505-863-4412
Francine Salazar Salazar, Francine Special Ed 5059790533
Nicholas Salazar Salazar, Nicholas 5059798690
Carol Sanches Sanches, Carol MS SALT teacher
Nicole Steiger Steiger, Nicole PreK Director Elementary School, PreK 505.726.9613
Darlene Stewart Stewart, Darlene Accounts Payable Administration
Sarah Sun Sun, Sarah Pre k Assistant
Sarah Sun Sun, Sarah PreK Administrative Assistant PreK
Solomon Sun Sun, Solomon Teacher Elementary School
Dave Sytsma Sytsma, Dave Midwest Advancement Officer and Church Relations. Advancement 616-283-4495
Jonathon Terborg Terborg, Jonathon Director of Operations/Transportation Administration, Maintainance
Steve Terborg Terborg, Steve HS Spanish teacher High School
Christian VanSlooten VanSlooten, Christian Teacher
Nichole VanSlooten VanSlooten, Nichole Teacher
Neil Weeda Weeda, Neil
Seth Weidenaar Weidenaar, Seth Teacher High School
Tressa Weidenaar Weidenaar, Tressa weaver & comedienne
Kellie Wright Wright, Kellie World History, Current Issues, Economics, Government High School
Emily Wuestewald Wuestewald, Emily Algebra/Geometry High School
Becca Yazzie Yazzie, Becca 3rd Grade teacher Elementary School
Duane Yazzie Yazzie, Duane unemployed 505-371-5412
Anna Zwiers Zwiers, Anna Elementary Music, Band Assistent Elementary School 505-863-4412
Kevin Zwiers Zwiers, Kevin HS 9th/10th Bible, Band Director High School, Middle School 505-726-9626
Ken Zylstra Zylstra, Ken Director of Advancement Administration, Advancement
Mailing Address:
Rehoboth Christian School
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Rehoboth, NM 87322-0041

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Rehoboth Christian School
211 Tse Yaaniichi St 
Rehoboth, NM 87322

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505.726.9635 (Fax)

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