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Rehoboth Christian School was founded in 1903 as a ministry to the Native American people of the Four Corners region. Today, Rehoboth continues its ministry through education with multiculturalism as a backdrop, serving approximately 70% Native American students, 20% Anglo students, and 10% students of Hispanic descent and other ethnic minorities.

Rehoboth is committed to building students up not only intellectually, but also spiritually and emotionally, helping them grow into mature Christians. Rehoboth Christian School challenges its students to know the Triune God and equips them to love, serve, and transform the world in His name. 


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Volunteering ​- A big thank you to all of you who have handed in a volunteer sheet. As we rely on our families to help out with serving our school through giving of your time or providing donations, we have put the information you provided together and created email groups for upcoming events. Please check your email and help us out when you can, especially for the fall sports program that is in full swing. 

Fall Carnival is coming up soon so don’t forget to check your email for reminders to sign up to help out. Thank you! Fall Carnival -​ The annual fall carnival which includes games, a bake sale, and a Navajo taco dinner will be Friday, October 7 at the Rehoboth Christian School Sports and Fitness Center and Fellowship Hall. Grab bags and a cake walk will be part of the fun! Tickets for games will be 4 for $1.00. Price for Navajo Taco dinner will be $7.00 for a meal. The carnival will go from 4-8pm and the dinner will be from 5-7 pm. Spread the word! A great way to support the bands and choirs of Rehoboth School.

Box Tops for Education - ​Our first submission deadline for the year is coming up. Please bring in your collections to Mrs. Jim or the administration office by Oct. 20th. (Parent-teacher conferences at the latest). Keep collecting and thank you for supporting your school! Dorann Louis- School Coordinator

Band Concert ​- The Rehoboth Christian High School Band would like to invite you to their fall concert on October 10. The concert will take place in the Sports and Fitness Center and will begin at 7pm

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