We aspire to be light in our world by bringing hope and opportunity through Christian education read more
We aspire to be light in our world by bringing hope and opportunity through Christian education

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Rehoboth Christian School was founded in 1903 as a ministry to the Native American people of the Four Corners region. Today, Rehoboth continues its ministry through education with multiculturalism as a backdrop, serving approximately 70% Native American students, 20% Anglo students, and 10% students of Hispanic descent and other ethnic minorities.

Rehoboth is committed to building students up not only intellectually, but also spiritually and emotionally, helping them grow into mature Christians. Rehoboth Christian School challenges its students to know the Triune God and equips them to love, serve, and transform the world in His name. 


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Planning A Parent Organization - ​I’m interested in helping organize a Parent Organization for RCS. There are various things we parents could accomplish if we unite. If you’d be the least bit interested, please come to an initial meeting to discuss what a parent organization might look like and kinds of things we would do. We need your input and ideas. Let’s meet tonight Thursday October 13th at 7:00 PM for 45 mins to an hour maximum. Come to the Admin. Building Board Room through the front entrance. Hope to see you then! Mrs. Vicki McGavran

Immunization Records ​- In order to be in compliance with the State of New Mexico, we need to have updated immunization records on file. If your student has had any new immunizations done recently please make sure we get a copy of the updated record by October 15th.

Box Tops for Education - ​Our first submission deadline for the year is coming up. Please bring in your collections to Mrs. Jim or the administration office by Oct. 20th.​ (Parent-teacher conferences at the latest). Keep collecting and thank you for supporting your school! Dorann Louis- School Coordinator

Parents -​ please remember to call your child's school office if he or she is going to be absent. Elementary/Mid x175, High School x132.

Book Fair​ - the Scholastic Book Fair will be open during Parent / Teacher conference times next Wednesday and Thursday in the ES / MS library. If you would be able to volunteer to help Mrs. Barker at the Fair please contact her at (505) 726-9694.

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