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Sue Eddy

Sue Eddy
Sue Eddy
Food Service Director
Groups: Kitchen
Employed Since: 9/1/2006
16 Years Experience At School

I am a transplant from Flagstaff, AZ.  I went to Northern Arizona University, completing a degree in sociology with a pre-law minor.  I moved to Gallup in 2000, when I married my husband, a Gallupian. I came to Rehoboth Christian School when my son enrolled in kindergarten.  During my first six years at Rehoboth, I worked in the advancement office, and since then I have been in the Fellowship Hall with the foodservice program.  While at Rehoboth, I have learned a whole new skill set and have advanced as far as I can in my field without a nutrition degree. I have also served on two state-wide boards representing Rehoboth Christian School in school nutrition.

My three favorite things about working for Rehoboth Christian School are the kids, the volunteers, and the staff.   This job also allows me the flexibility to take care of my aged mother - what a blessing! My hope for Rehoboth is that ALL Rehoboth students leave here with a personal commitment to Jesus Christ and a desire to walk with Him all the days of their lives.