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Chad Meekhof

Chad Meekhof
Chad Meekhof
Academic Support, HS American History
Groups: High School
Employed Since: 8/1/2014
8 Years Experience At School

I came to Rehoboth Christian School after I graduated from the 8th grade at Zuni Christian Mission School in Zuni, New Mexico. I was fifteen years old when I began my round-trip daily commute on the bus to Rehoboth. I was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan but my family moved to Zuni when I was two years old. This area of Zuni and Gallup has been what I consider home. 

I finished high school at Rehoboth and moved to Grand Rapids Michigan to attend Calvin University where I received my bachelor's degree in Outdoor Ed. During my college years, I grew to enjoy emergency medicine and ended up getting my first job as an EMT the fall after I graduated. I have since bounced around from emergency work to leading an after-school program for middle schoolers, to now teaching and coaching at Rehoboth Christian High School. I am currently in the middle of pursuing my master’s degree in sports administration. 

I love that I get to work with high school students and be a part of the shaping of their lives as they approach adulthood. My specific job in the academic support center lends itself to time for conversations with students about life and spirituality on top of the tutoring I do. I enjoy coaching because it makes me feel like I am back in high school myself competing. I enjoy teaching U.S history and trying to keep a Native American perspective on the class content. I appreciate the community at Rehoboth and the mission it has - to provide a quality Christian education to all the students that walk through the door. Students are very different in many ways at Rehoboth, and I see that as a good picture of our God and His world. The many backgrounds, cultures, and races make this a beautiful place to learn from each other and grow with one another.