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Steve Terborg

Steve Terborg
Steve Terborg
HS Spanish teacher
Groups: High School
Employed Since: 8/1/2009
13 Years Experience At School

I came to Rehoboth Christian School from Chicago first as a student teacher from Trinity Christian College in the spring of 2009, then returned that fall as the full-time Spanish teacher. I first found my passion for learning the Spanish language as a young middle school learner and developed my love and strong interest in connecting with different cultures while in high school traveling to Mexico twice with workgroups.  In college, I was able to study abroad in Seville, Spain growing my fluency and admiration of living among different cultures. Since then, I have taken three more study abroad trips to Spain with Rehoboth students who studied there for a month each. I have been able to chaperone trips with the more advanced students which has professionally enhanced my ability to speak and broaden my knowledge of the language.

I love to travel and have traveled to many other Spanish-speaking countries like Cuba, Argentina, Uruguay, and Nicaragua. This helps me develop a growing bank of experiences used as meaningful classroom examples. I always hope to impart my love of language and travel to my students as a teacher so that they experience the same appreciation; that they are able to love, serve and transform the world using a second language.  I also love that Rehoboth is a prime representation of how diverse creation is and how each one is brought together simply by the love and care that is expressed to each student at RCS.