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Sara Bingley

Sara Bingley
Sara Bingley
Pre-K Lead Teacher
Groups: PreK
Employed Since: 8/3/2020
2 Years Experience At School
  • Bachelors New Mexico State University

Ya’at’eeh! My name is Sara Bingley, but I am also known as “Ms. B” by my students. Tsenabahiłnii nishlii doo Kinłichii’nii bashischiin. ‘Áshįįhi dashichee doo Tódich’ii’nii dashinali. I am married and have three children. I am originally from Bahast’lah, NM and I am one of the Lead PreK teachers for the 4/5 year old. I graduated from New Mexico Military Institute with my Associates Degree and then my Bachelor’s Degree from New Mexico State University. I am attending Western New Mexico University Master’s Level Alternative Licensure Program in Early Childhood Education. The amount of love, excitement, humor, and joy that my students freely give on a daily basis is abundant. I am super thankful and blessed to be a part of the Rehoboth Community!