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Donna Jones

Donna Jones
Donna Jones
Teacher Assistant
Phone: 505-863-4412
Employed Since: 8/1/2017
4 Years Experience At School

 I was born at Rehoboth, NM and raised in Mexican Springs, NM where I presently reside. I come from a huge and wonderful family.  I'm well into my third year here at Rehoboth Christian School. I'm currently taking online courses with Dixie State University to pursue my Nursing degree. I came to Rehoboth when the KIndergarten Aide position became available, I applied and next thing you know I'm now well into my third year here. My job here at Rehoboth is amazing! The environment and staff are so unique in their own ways and just to be part of it speaks for itself.  When I was first hired we had new staff orientation and one of the things that we had to do thanks to Mr. Yazzie and Mr. Bob Ippel was that we had to engage in some activities with horses and try to bond with them. One of the activities was to lift the front leg of the horse, boy was I afraid! I had a bad experience with a horse in the past and to do such a thing “I must have a lot of trust in my fellow co-workers!" That's just part of what Rehoboth is about: trusting and knowing that we are here for one another and most of all, we are here for the students.