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Current Needs


Tuition Assistance

Through May 26, we have received $1.76 million towards our tuition assistance need of $1.85 million.  We ask your help to provide for our students and families by making a gift towards our remaining tuition assistance need of $86,342. 


Transportation Campaign

We have received commitments totaling $365,506 to the campaign for new Rehoboth school buses including a grant awarded from the Volkswagen Settlement Trust to fund 25% of each new bus.  The remaining need for the 6 propane-fueled buses is $234,494.  Full update here.

To give to the Transportation Capital Campaign, click here.


Jubilee Fund

Our Jubilee Fund helps Rehoboth provide for our families experiencing challenging circumstances so that basic needs can be met. This month, we have been able to help 12 families in difficult situations with additional tuition support.

Please help us step into the lives of our families with a gift to the Rehoboth Jubilee Fund by clicking this link.

Amazon Wish List

Our teachers and staff have shared items needed for classrooms, food service, maintenance, athletics, and administration. Click here to see how you can help!