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Current Needs


Tuition Assistance

Through March 29, we have received gifts to our tuition assistance fund totaling $1,707,888. This represents 92% of our budgeted need of $1,850,000 for this current school year. The Administrative Team has worked to reduce budgeted expenses based on significant decreases in tuition revenue and other income decreased due to the pandemic. Please consider giving in the coming months to help us with the remaining need of $142,112. Thank you for your help in giving generously in the past, so that 82% of our families can receive tuition assistance averaging over $3,993/student this school year. 

Transportation Campaign

Our 6 new propane-fueled route buses have been completely funded! Thank you! Our bus drivers are thrilled to have their new buses. The new propane fuel station was recently installed on our campus, hopefully with significant savings in our fueling costs. The remaining need for the purchase of our used Activities bus is $20,700. We are so close to finishing this campaign!

To give to the Transportation Capital Campaign, click here.


Jubilee Fund

At Rehoboth, many of our families have been affected financially due to job loss or a reduction in the sales revenue of arts and crafts due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our desire is to assist any families that are struggling to keep their tuition payments at the level they had intended. Please help us step into the lives of our families with a gift to the Rehoboth Jubilee Fund by clicking this link.

Amazon Wish List

Our teachers and staff have shared items needed for classrooms, food service, maintenance, athletics, and administration. Click here to see how you can help!