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Current Needs


Tuition Assistance  

The tuition assistance budgeted amount for the 2021-2022 school year is $1,850,000. Through February 28, we have received gifts totaling $1,589,000 for tuition assistance. We ask for your continued support to help us provide this support to over 85% of our students.

SALT - Students All Learning Together

Rehoboth needs your help as it continues the journey towards inclusive education for students with a variety of educational needs. The need for the 2021-2022 school year has been met, and we are focusing now on what the need will be for next school year. We hope to be able to add staffing for this program and continue to expand the students that will be served. We are also receiving gifts for the SALT Endowment fund so that we can sustain the program for future generations.

Kuipers Gym Campaign

The Rehoboth School Board has approved the concept of remodeling the Keith Kuipers Gym. This project will include new restrooms and concession space that will serve both the Gym and our Soccer/Track Complex, as well as provide space in the gym for indoor training for baseball & softball programs. The design process is under way and we hope to have the budget soon for approval. The estimated cost is approximately $300,000. 

Jubilee Fund

At Rehoboth, many of our families have been affected financially due to job loss or a reduction in the sales revenue of arts and The Jubilee Fund allows our tuition committee to help families with immediate financial challenges to cover portions of their tuition responsibility. Our desire is to assist any families that are struggling to fulfill their tuition commitment due to job loss, medical payments, or other life situations. Please help us step into the lives of our families with a gift to the Rehoboth Jubilee Fund.

Amazon Wish List

Our teachers and staff have shared items needed for classrooms, food service, maintenance, athletics, and administration. Click above to see how you can help!