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Transportation Campaign

It’s been 73 years since Rehoboth Christian School started a student transportation department.  In 1947 Sunday school students across the country raised over $3,000 to provide the first bus for Rehoboth Christian School.  

In the past four decades, as Rehoboth has fully transitioned from a boarding school to a day school, transportation of our students to and from their homes in outlying communities has been a priority.  We remain deeply committed to supporting families from the Navajo Nation and the Pueblo of Zuni who desire a Christian Education for their children.  

Our supporting communities around the country have generously helped with our transportation needs.  In just the past 10 years, we have received used yellow buses from Christian School communities in Hanford (CA), Ripon (CA), Jenison (MI), Hull (IA), and Sully (IA).  Our local mechanic has worked diligently to keep our fleet of buses on the road, but the seemingly daily repairs have become a financial burden to operations at Rehoboth.  

This school year we have experienced 9 bus breakdowns.  As we plan for the future we realize that the annual costs of repairing our school buses ($50,000-$60,000) has risen to the point that the purchase of new buses is a more stewardly use of the tuition and gift funds that we receive from our local families and supporters around the country.    

As we researched the options for new buses, we learned that new propane-fueled buses will save Rehoboth approximately $.15/mile due to the lower cost of propane fuel and reduced maintenance needs.  Our transportation department travels 180,000 miles (289,681.92 km) annually, and we hope to save $27,000 each year in fuel and maintenance costs alone.  


At its January 2020 meeting, the Rehoboth Christian School Association approved a capital campaign to raise $600,000 to cover the cost of six new propane-fueled buses and a fueling station which includes a concrete pad, safety bollards, and electrical service.  Each new Blue Bird Vision 71 passenger bus has a cost of $95,945.  

The stretch goal for our transportation campaign includes raising an additional $175,000 for a new Blue Bird All American Activities bus, which will be used not only for our field trips, music tours, and athletics needs but also serve as a backup for our daily route buses. 

Transportation Capital Campaign Components:

  • 6 Blue Bird Vision Propane Fueled Buses - $575,670
  • Fueling Station Preparation - $24,330
  • Total - $600,000
  • Stretch Goal for Rehoboth Activities Bus - $175,000
  • Grand Total - $775,000

Over the approximate 12-year lifetimes of the new propane buses, Rehoboth will reduce our Nitrogen Oxide pollution by 10.5 tons.  We are excited to not only be better stewards of the funds provided to Rehoboth but also to be better stewards of God’s creation. (Data calculated using the Argonne National Laboratory’s Heavy-Duty Vehicle Emissions Calculator)

Our hope is to have the funds for this campaign committed by April 30, 2020, so that the buses can be purchased and delivered before the start of the new school year on August 12, 2020.

Will you continue the legacy of student transportation support begun 73 years ago by faithful Sunday school students so that Rehoboth can continue to reach families around the Navajo and Zuni reservations by providing a way for their children to come to Rehoboth Christian School?