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PreK Academics


Our curriculum is influenced by the High/Scope curriculum framework.  Though we are not a fully High/Scope classroom, we have taken some of what we see as the best it has to offer and incorporated it into our day.  We then infuse into the framework additional research-based strategies and work with the interests of the students.  It is our belief that the primary way a child learns is through play.  So our curriculum is based on this philosophy that children learn best by actively engaging with, experimenting with, and exploring a variety of materials. High/Scope calls this “Active Learning”.  

The 4 elements of Active Learning include the following: 
  1. Daily Routine- including free play, small and large group times 
  2. Learning Environment- with varied areas, materials and storage 
  3. Adult-Child Interaction- encouragement, problem-solving and interaction strategies
  4. Assessment- through daily anecdotal notes, planning, child assessment, and program assessment.  

We believe that the classroom is the “third teacher”.  Each classroom teaching team intentionally sets up the classroom and chooses materials based on what they know about their students.  This allows children to choose activities that interest them and meet their developmental needs. 

Our materials are organized into learning centers: 
  • art 
  • science 
  • manipulatives (puzzles and fine motor materials)
  • sensory table
  • blocks
  • dramatic play
  • writing
  • library 
  • and music

Children are encouraged to work together and develop age-appropriate social/emotional skills.