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At RCHS, you’ll feel welcome and known. Students mingle across grade levels and the normal lines of cliques that characterize most school environments don't exsist, and we like it that way! Our teachers work hard to both motivate and educate our students—equipping them with knowledge and skills that give birth to dreams and goals about the future that wasn’t there before. Our experienced, caring faculty ensures that students aren’t just numbers in a system, but that they are treated as valuable, unique image-bearers of God. You won’t fall through the cracks at Rehoboth. We care about you too much for that!

Our Academic training bears the hallmarks of the culture and geography that surrounds us, and students will have regular encounters with the people, places, and issues that impact the Southwest United States, Native Peoples, and specifically the Navajo Nation. Our learners also have access to an array of opportunities in the Arts and Athletics, ensuring balanced, well-rounded development as both students and people. All of this happens under the umbrella of a caring Christian community that feels more like a family than a school. As you check out the various links about the high school, you’ll discover just how special a place this is, and we’re confident that you’ll begin to see yourself here as well.

Choosing Rehoboth Christian High School sets you down a path of development and growth like no other, and we’re here enthusiastically waiting to welcome you!


Vigorously Academic 

Rehoboth Christian High School's academic emphasis is shaped around three core ideas: rigor, relevance, and relationship. These three ingredients are essential to the educational and personal growth of our students. Together they create a school environment that prepares students for the highest levels of contribution, service, and performance.
  • Highly qualified, professional and demanding staff
  • AP and college-prep classes
  • High expectations across the curriculum
  • A no "D" grading scale and a "no-fail" attitude
  • Energetic, creative and culturally relevant teachers
  • Senior presentations and digital portfolios
  • All classes are taught from a Christian worldview
  • All classes connect with students' "real world" experience
  • A highly relational teaching and administrative staff
  • Small classes that foster positive relationships
  • Every faculty member is an advisor to a group of 12 students
  • Every Junior and Senior has an adult mentor

Beautifully Diverse

One of Rehoboth Christian High School's strongest assets is the diversity of its student body and teaching staff. Rehoboth Christian High School is an ethnically, culturally and socio-economically diverse learning environment which is a beautiful representation of God's kingdom.

  • 75% of the students are Native American, 17% Anglo, 8% Hispanic and other ethnicities.
  • 51% of RCS students qualify for free or reduced lunch.
  • Students come from a wide variety of Religious background (CRC, Baptist, Assembly of God, Pentecostal, LDS, Native American Church, Traditional Native Religions)