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Fine Arts at Rehoboth:

At Rehoboth Christian Elementary School we desire for all students to develop the gifts God has given them in many areas.  In daily classroom activities, students express themselves in a wide variety of ways. In addition, students develop their musical and artistic abilities. 


Students at Rehoboth Christian Elementary School engage in music learning two times each week.  They learn the fundamentals of music through a fast-paced, interactive curriculum. Through the music curriculum, students develop a strong sense of rhythm and pitch while honing their ability to sing beautifully.  The playful curriculum uses a variety of types of music that students return to throughout the curriculum.  

In addition to music class, all students at RCES participate in either the Christmas program or a spring program each year.

Visual Arts:

All students participate in art class once each week.  In art class, they develop a wide range of artistic skills and concepts.  Students display artwork in a variety of locations and for the past two years, they have participated in the Global Art Exchange program.