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Here at Rehoboth Christian School, learning is at the core of what we do as students, teachers, administrators, and even families. This learning occurs in our classrooms, on our trails, and in our creative spaces—bearing three distinct characteristics. It is vigorously academic, beautifully diverse, and thoroughly Christian.

Vigorously Academic

Rehoboth stretches its students to think deeply and make connections between ideas and the world around them. We don’t let students fall through the cracks—holding them accountable to themselves and each other. Our “No-D” policy means that we don’t accept students barely squeaking by in their subjects, but we are also ready with the kinds of support that empower students to succeed and learn at a high level.

Beautifully Diverse

Rehoboth is marked by the blessing of unique cultures, ethnicities, and socioeconomic groups—both in its student body and staff. Our student population is 75% Native American, 17% Anglo, 8% Hispanic and other groups. Rehoboth celebrates the gift of this diversity, while also recognizing the challenges of such an environment. We strive to equip ourselves and our students with the ability to empathize with other people in order to build an understanding of each other, and the tight-knit community that results from all of this is truly something to behold.

Thoroughly Christian

Underpinning everything at Rehoboth is our unwavering commitment to our Lord Jesus Christ and to God’s work in this world. He asks us to partner with Him in bringing His fullness, flourishing, and peace—what the Bible calls Shalom—to the Chaos of this world. So we equip ourselves as diligent students of God’s Word to be people who understand exactly who we are and what we are doing here. As they further learn English, Maths, Science, and other subjects, Rehoboth students come to understand the dynamics of the world’s brokenness, and they are armed with the skills, beliefs, and passions to make a difference and engage in the hard work of healing. To be sure, our faith-filled perspective is on display during chapels, concerts, and Bible classes; but it’s also deeply woven into our entire curriculum and our co-curricular activities.