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About PreK


It is our mission to offer a warm, accepting atmosphere in which the whole child and his/her family can grow – emotionally, socially, creatively, intellectually, and physically.


The Rehoboth Early Childhood Center is based on values, principles and research that indicate optimal learning takes place in a developmentally appropriate setting.  It is our belief that early childhood should be a time of fun, social, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth and the development of the child as a whole.  We view early childhood as a time of discovering, experiencing, exploring and “doing”.  

Our program has been developed to create an environment where PreK children learn that they have a special place in our world.  We believe in the necessity of keeping families involved in and knowledgeable of their child’s learning and developmental progress.  Our teachers work alongside as navigators and guides, showing children new concepts, building on prior knowledge, and using the classroom materials as a way for the child to explore and make new knowledge of their own.