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RCS has two observatories - the Rehoboth telescope and the Calvin-Rehoboth Robotic Telescope. In 1996 a former RCS parent generously donated funds to the science department to purchase a Meade LX200 10" telescope. In 1998 the school received a donation and a matching grant to construct a road and a concrete pad south of campus and also purchase a fiberglass dome to permanently house this telescope.

Because Rehoboth has 300+ days of clear skies per year, low light pollution, and is located at an elevation of 6600 feet above sea level, this makes it an ideal location for an observatory. Hearing about the RCS observatory facility and location the Calvin University astronomy department contacted RCS in 2004 requesting permission to partner with RCS to build a remote robotic observatory on the same site providing both observatories with electricity and internet access. The Calvin observatory houses a 16-inch aperture Ritchey-Chretien telescope.  Also, housed in the observatory is the Rehoboth Seismic Station used to detect major earthquakes from all around the globe.

The RCS observatory provides a visual experience for student groups, staff, star parties, and volunteer groups. The Calvin-Rehoboth robotic observatory is managed and remotely controlled by Calvin University students and faculty for astronomy labs and special projects. Imaging programs are set up to run automatically throughout the night and then uploaded to Calvin the next morning.



For more information about the Rehoboth observatory contact Deanna Benson at
For more information about the Calvin-Rehoboth Robotic Observatory contact Prof. Larry Molnar at