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Navajo Code Talkers Museum

The Navajo Code Talkers Communications Center was built in honor of the Navajo Marines who devised an unbroken code during World War II. The Center serves Rehoboth’s elementary and middle school programs and houses a K-8 library, technology training center, project lab, and small group space. On display is an excellent collection of Navajo Code Talker histories, uniforms, and personal paraphernalia. The facility also incorporates southwestern and Native American-inspired elements in its design; symbolic of how Rehoboth is working today to integrate Native American studies into its curriculum. Opened in August 2004, the Navajo Code Talker Museum is a continual reminder of the great sacrifices that have been made and the historic and cultural significance they hold for current and future generations.

If you would like to schedule a tour please call (505) 863-4412.