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Interested in volunteering at Rehoboth Christian School? We would love to have you! Rehoboth has a variety of needs, both ongoing and immediate. Our ongoing needs are with tutoring and food service. An immediate need is for plumbers and electricians! Still interested? Please call Deanna (contact info listed below) and she will send out an informational packet and answer any questions you may have. We try to set up housing and work according to your needs and talents, as well as the needs of the school.

The generous gifts of time, talent and love from our volunteers greatly benefit the staff and the children of Rehoboth Christian School. We appreciate your interest in and care of our school!

For more information on the Volunteer Program, please click here!

To apply online to volunter, please click here.

Rehoboth has a sprawling campus with many buildings and facilities. Maintenance, remodeling, electrical work, plumbing and help with special projects are always needed. Some work may include small carpentry projects (book shelves, cabinets, etc), minor repairs on plumbing and electrical appliances, landscaping (tree pruning, weeding, etc.), demolition, concrete work, minor bus and car repairs and various other projects as needed.

Food Service
Working in the kitchen includes helping prepare, serve and clean up lunch that is served daily to students, staff and volunteers. This is a wonderful opportunity to interact with the students on a daily basis. You’ll also get to enjoy the friendly kitchen staff who always appreciate extra hands! With volunteers in the kitchen, we are able to be more creative with our meals…better food is made when there are more hands to help prepare it!

This includes a variety of activities such as reading with students, helping them with homework or special projects or giving general guidance in their studies. Some volunteers are asked to substitute teach, depending on their background and comfort level with teaching.

Office Work
Office work can include helping with mass mailings, data entry, inventory, and general paper filing and sorting.

There are various other projects that volunteers participate in at Rehoboth such as nursing duties, facility cleaning, and helping with sports events and school programs. We try to match any specialized skills with work that needs to be done.


Contact: Deanna Benson, Volunteer Coordinator and Campus Hostess, 505-726-9603 or email


Volunteer Application



Volunteer Reflections:

"Rehoboth is a wonderful place to volunteer. There is such a sense of community and inclusion. We love the welcome we receive each year as we come to volunteer. We feel that we are able to use our gifts as we come along side the wonderful staff at Rehoboth. We are blessed through our serving at Rehoboth."

-Jack and Cindy Ippel


"As time has gone on, we have come to realize that we were spending time with our extended family [at Rehoboth], that is, the family of God as it is so richly represented in the varied ethnicity that makes up the community. It truly reflects the vast richness and diversity that is the Family of God. We feel blessed to be a part of it."

-Mart and Mary Hollebeek