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Transportation Fund

Our busses travel up to 54 miles one-way to pick up students.

This year, our buses will travel far enough to drive around the world 10 times. The Navajo reservation is the largest in the United States, covering over 24,000 square miles. Our buses travel long distances through red rock canyons and over washed out roads in order to bring the children to Rehoboth for Christ-centered education.

Some of our students drive 15 miles to get to the closest bus stop and then ride the bus for another 45 miles to get to school. They repeat the journey in the afternoon to get back home again. This is quite a sacrifice of time, but their families feel the trip is worth it, as long as Rehoboth stays true to its mission and continues to offer quality, Christian education.

In the early days of Rehoboth, all of the students lived in dormitories for months at a time, since transportation over all these miles was simply not possible on a daily or even weekly basis. Although this gave many children the opportunity to attend Rehoboth, regardless of where they lived, it also meant that families were spread across the great distances. Over the decades, the philosophy changed and the roads, highways, and vehicles improved. Today, every student can ride a bus home each night. In order to make this possible, we need your support. Our buses are old and they take quite a beating on our roads. Please consider donating to our transportation fund so that Rehoboth is accessible for all those who desire it.

If you would like more information regarding the Transportation Fund, please contact Ken Zylstra, Director of Advancement at

Transportation Fund