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Our Project

Our current high school building has provided an environment where students are encouraged to follow the path that God has set before them. Rehoboth Christian School is devoted to developing the whole child intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.  While our staff is deeply committed to meeting the needs of our young leaders, the current building is an obstacle for the training ground we need to provide.  

In 2017, we completed the fundraising for our new building. We praise God that The Preparing the Way Campaign is complete! We have raised 13.7 million and celebrated by breaking ground in May 2017. The new high school will be open for the Fall of 2018. Thank you to all who made this possible - we are truly grateful! 

Preparing the Way Capital Campaign Components:

· New High School Construction:  $9 million
· Debt Retirement (Paid in Full Dec. 2014):   $3 million
· Replace Aging Infrastructure- $700,000 (Water Line Hookup to City of Gallup Complete Summer 2015)
· Endowment for Upkeep & Maintenance- $1 million

Total Campaign Need:  $13.7 Million







The People We Serve

  • Over 40% of Navajo families live below the poverty line.
  • Unemployment on the reservation hovers around 45%
  • The suicide rate is 2 1/2 times higher in Native youth than other young people.
  • Only 17% of Native high school graduates go on to college.
  • In 2013, New Mexico was ranked 50th in the nation for child well-being.