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After sneaking out of his house in 8th grade to hang out with friends who were not up to much good, Duane’s mother said, “You are going to Rehoboth.” Duane was not happy to hear this news as he was becoming popular in his former school, and he did not know anyone at Rehoboth. Duane’s middle school journey had ranged from being bullied to being the tough guy who was excelling in the world of martial arts and boxing. Increased approval with a certain group of friends also came from his use of alcohol and marijuana. His nighttime “escape” was the final straw that made his mother realize that something had to change if her son had a chance in life. She wanted to find someone to surround her son with the love, protection, and encouragement that he needed to become the young man she hoped he would be. With support from grandma and Rehoboth’s tuition assistance, Duane was able to enter Rehoboth.

Having grown up in a Catholic family, Duane was pleasantly surprised and reassured that Rehoboth was not like his former school when the first middle school event started with prayer. He was surprised by the kindness of the staff and the welcome from his peers. He remarked, “I was genuinely happy. People did not hold my past against me but encouraged me to excel academically and to grow spiritually. My faith in God became stronger and I learned I really had nothing to fear and nothing to prove. I was

“My faith in God became stronger and I learned I really had nothing to fear and nothing to prove. I was reminded, I was a child of God” reminded I was a child of God.” 

Duane speaks highly of the high school staff and counselor who have helped him navigate family challenges and temptations. He remembers the day he stood up in chapel and said, “I have been sober for three days.” He looks back at that moment as an important step towards the freedom he now enjoys. Duane has been able to throw off the invitations to go back to his old ways as he looks towards a life of military service. This past summer he was one of twenty Navajo youth chosen to be part of the Devil Pup program at Camp Pendleton which he successfully completed. Currently, Duane is taking two online classes in addition to his full load at Rehoboth so he can graduate a year early. He then plans to join the tradition of many of his relatives who have served in the military. Duane looks ahead and does not fear.

Thank you for supporting students like Duane, whose unique stories speak to the power of God’s love and grace. Your continued support allows Rehoboth Christian School to encourage students and families to grow into the talents with which God has blessed them. Jesus’ love is reaching the Indigenous peoples of the Southwest.



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Rehoboth continues to be able to step into the lives of students like Duane because of the generous contributions from supporters nationwide who faithfully give to our annual tuition assistance needs. This school year, we are thankful to be able to provide, on average, over $4,490 in tuition assistance to 78% of our students. This again would not be possible without your support, and the support of so many others who believe that Rehoboth’s Christian education will provide hope and opportunity to the 406 students we serve.

Through November 6th, $436,136 of this school year’s $1.85 million tuition assistance need has been given. Please consider how you can step into the lives of our Rehoboth students and families this season with a gift to our tuition assistance fund.

Thank you for your love, encouragement, and support!

Ken Zylstra 
Director of Advancement.

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