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Current Giving Opportunity

Throughout this school year we have been celebrating our theme of “Building on the Promises.” Before any true building can happen, a firm foundation must be laid. This foundation is essential for our first year students transitioning into school because it is the base upon which all else that they learn will stand. That foundation is Christ and His promise of salvation, and students in the kindergarten room at Children of PromoseRehoboth learn what it means to be children of that promise. From the time they walk through the doors in Mrs. Gillson’s room they are shown and taught the love of their Creator. Siblings Shannon, Jacy and Kyle Begay all began their school years in the kindergarten class at Rehoboth and have continued to be built up in the knowledge and promises of their Savior.

Shannon Begay graduated from Rehoboth in 2015. Since then she has been studying Physical Education at the University of New Mexico and will graduate in December of 2018.  She hopes to return to Rehoboth to student teach at the high school this fall. Shannon recalls learning Jeremiah 29:11 in eighth grade and thinking it was just another verse. In the years that followed however, the words stuck with her and continued to gain meaning as she faced independence and becoming a single mother. They now decorate the walls of her apartment reminding her that through her trials God not only protected her from harm, but used them instead to bring her great hope.

Jacy Begay is currently in the 10th grade at Rehoboth Christian High School. From academic struggles to health concerns associated with Noonan Syndrome, Jacy’s faith has been refined during her years at the school as she has grown in the knowledge of God as her Healer and constant Provider. Jacy praises God for the simple daily reminders of His love that she experiences through her classes, and through the people surrounding her at Rehoboth. Jacy has a passion for showing care and respect to those in need, and hopes to later pursue work as a nurse or caregiver. 

Kyle Begay is currently in the Kindergarten class and just starting his journey at Rehoboth. He is full of joy and excitement for learning, and loves to ask questions to make sure he understands! Kyle enjoys going to chapel and solving math problems that he notices in the world around him. He recently learned the story of Christ’s death and resurrection, and was so excited to know that now Jesus is alive not only in heaven, but in his heart - and the hearts of all who believe in Him!

We celebrate God’s faithfulness in the building up of our students this year, as well as the construction of our new high school which is almost complete! Praise God! We are thankful for the support we have received throughout the year, but still have a remaining need for this year’s tuition assistance fund of $55,000. Please consider helping us meet our year-end need before June 15, 2018. 

In addition to our ongoing tuition assistance needs, please review the safety appeal insert and consider a special gift to help us protect our children by improving campus safety.

Ken Zylstra, Director of Advancement

End of School Year Gift 2018

Safety Appeal