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Archives - January 2013

All State Choir and Band

January 22, 2013
By Rehoboth Staff

Each January, the best musicians of New Mexico gather to make music under the direction of some of the best directors in the United States. After challenging auditions, students are chosen from schools throughout New Mexico to come together to spend several days with hundreds of other students who are also passionate about music. After hours of rehearsals they have a chance to perform music which is often very difficult and challenging. This year 11 students represented Rehoboth at the High School All State Festival  in  Albuquerque and  7 students at the Youth All State Choral Festival in Las Cruces.

All State Band:
Kyree Sky
Youth All State:
Raven Pinto, Glenn Ratmeyer, Chandler Farris, James Patten, Lance McMullin , Selena Delgado, and Lauren Cope

All State High School Choir (Pictured Below):
Nathalia Alvarez, Matthew Cope, Hayley Garrett,   Jonathan Heinz, Liberty Kinsel,  Kelsi Lindsey,  Elizabeth Lynch,  Raven Pinto, Glenn Ratmeyer, and Paul Ratmeyer

Congrats, Students!

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