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Archives - March 2012

SAC Week

March 26, 2012
By Rehoboth Staff

Today marks the beginning of SAC (student alternative curriculum) week for the High School. Many of our students are on the choir tour both those who stayed behind will be participating in a varity of classes including, construction, mission trip to Albuquerque, cooking Latin foods, photography/videography, outdoor games, board games, epic movies, history in film, CS Lewis' works, Driver's Training, climbing, event planning and more!

Rehoboth Host First Track Meet

March 19, 2012
By Rehoboth Staff

One part of the facilities upgrade that was not completed in 2007 was the addition of a rubberized track around the soccer field. The pavement had been laid as part of the original construction, but the cost of adding the rubberized surface was too great of an expense at the time. But, thanks to a generous donation from the VanderWeide Family Foundation, we were able to complete the track upgrade at the end of this past summer and looked forward to the Spring when we'd be able to enjoy the new track to the fullest.

This past Saturday, Rehoboth hosted their first track meet. It was a gorgeous day to innagurate the track meet and celebrate the advancement of our track program. Teams from all around the area came to compete in all running, jumping and field events.

Track and Field has been a very successful program here at Rehoboth in the recent past, including 32 Top-15 finishes at State last year alone. Athletic Director, Dr. Jeffrey Engbers, is very excited for the future with this new track. “The surfacing of the track will allow our track teams to practice on a surface that is conducive to staying healthy and injury free,” said Engbers, “We struggled in the past with practicing exchanges and jumping in less than ideal situations such as traveling across town, but we will now be able to put in all the work right here at Rehoboth.”

We are thankful to all those who helped advance us to a new level of excellence in our track and field program.

Click here to view photos from our first track event.


Prayer Calendar

March 01, 2012
By Rehoboth Staff

There is a lot going on this month - students traveling across the country on choir tour, spring break & SAC week, day to day classroom learning, staff birthdays, spellings bees, and board meetings. Please keep our school in your thoughts and prayers. Check out of monthly prayer calendar and support us in a your prayers daily.