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Rehoboth Christian School’s Color Run Raises 43K for New High School

June 15, 2016
By Admin

On Monday, May 16, Rehoboth Christian School organized an all- school color run to raise money for the Preparing the Way Capital Campaign for a new high school. The run was designed to be a fun-filled way to promote school community, physical activity, and raise funds for a great cause.

During the one-hour run students were showered with brightly-colored, powdered paint at various color stations located on the hiking trails behind Rehoboth’s campus. Rehoboth had a goal of raising $40,000 at this event from local business sponsorship and pledges raised by students. Each student was challenged to raise $85 from friends and family members. Prizes were given to the top three students from each school who raised the most money.

Following the run, Ken Zylstra, the Director of Advancement for the school announced that over $43,000 had been raised with roughly $26,000 from donations brought in by students and $17,000 from local business support and sponsorship.

Rehoboth Christian School is continuing to move forward with the goal of providing the best possible Christian education in Gallup and McKinley County. The Preparing the Way Campaign will help Rehoboth to build a new High School facility, and allow their excellent teaching staff to facilitate 21st century learning that will equip the next generation of community leaders.

The current Rehoboth Christian High School was built in 1949. Rehoboth have been raising funds for the new High School building for over two years. To date, over $11 million has been committed.

The Rehoboth Color Run fundraiser brought the current need to under $2.7 million to begin construction. The essential components of the new high school will include nine classroom, one academic support classrooms, two science labs, and a media lab. In the future we hope to add a choral center and art studio.

Please join Rehoboth in preparing the way for a future full of light, hope, and opportunity for our students!

More information on the Preparing the Way Capital Campaign can be found at: