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Rehoboth High School Students Serve the Town

April 15, 2016
By Admin

Rehoboth, NM -- On Friday, April 15, Rehoboth Christian High School students will be participating in their third annual all-school service day. Organized by the Rehoboth’s National Honor Society members, this day is intended to be an opportunity for students to expand the scope of their education and to look for ways in which they can be a benefit to the community around them. All 181 high school students will engage in some form of service during the school day on Friday. Students will be working in small groups and will be led by teachers as well as members of the National Honor Society (NHS).

In addition to serving within their own school buildings and grounds,  the students will be helping out at Red Rock Care Center, Community Pantry, McKinley Manor, Zuni Mission School, Hilltop Christian School, and Broken Arrow Bible Ranch.

In the past, serving in the community has been a wonderful way for Rehoboth Christian High School students to connect with institutions, build new relationships, and tangibly make a difference in Gallup and surrounding areas.  The Rehoboth Christian School Chapter of the NHS is, and has been, committed to selecting a day out of the year to not only serve, but to give all High School students a chance to experience the blessing of lending a helping hand.  “This year, it was my goal to give students experiences which will hopefully prepare them for helping others in the future, and get them even more excited about having generous attitudes,” said National Honor Society President Glenn Ratmeyer.

The students of NHS are striving to be an encouragement to their fellow students and community members through their positive attitudes.They want the greater community to see youths working together, serving, and making a difference. They hope their actions will spark some interest and ideas in other youth in the Gallup area.

For more information, please contact Chris VanSlooten at or 505 .726.9632.