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Calvin Rehoboth Bridge Semester

March 13, 2013
By Rehoboth Staff

Imagine a place where it doesn't matter what kind of camera you own—every picture you take is filled with color and light. This is Gallup, New Mexico, home of Calvin’s Rehoboth Bridge Semester.  Our program is uniquely situated in the Four Corners region on the Campus of Rehoboth Christian School, offering students a great space to live and learn in a place that is vigorously academic, beautifully diverse and thoroughly Christian.

This semester program is distinctive in many ways. Take the concept of a traditional semester at college and blend it with the idea of a gap year, the result just might look a lot like Calvin’s Rehoboth Bridge Semester.  Taking a gap year is common practice in Europe.  Rather than going straight to college, students take a year off to immerse themselves in other places, explore specific interests, or volunteer to help others.  This trend is growing in the United States as well; yet the pressure to begin one’s college studies is ever present.

Calvin’s Rehoboth Bridge Semester is meant to address this dilemma by creating an alternative path to start or stay in college; offering first and second year students an opportunity to explore new places and cultures, meet new friends, while delving into the concepts of vocation, leadership and service.  This experientially based semester offers all this and more while also helping students earn up 14 hours of college credit.

For more information and to check out a video to see some of what you will experience on this semester: click here!