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Main Gym – Part of the Rehoboth Sport and Fitness Center, the Main Gym has two practice courts running parallel, a main court, six basketball hoops, volleyball courts within each of the courts, and pullout spectator seating for 1200

Fitness Center – Part of the Rehoboth Sport and Fitness Center, the Fitness Center has approximately 36 cardio machines (upright bikes, recumbent bikes, elliptical machines, treadmills, steppers, and a stair master), 21 weight machines, 3 benches, a squat rack, free weights, and additional equipment


Track and Turf Field – Completed in the spring of 2007, this fenced off turf field is a space for soccer games/practices and physical education classes. Our track was recently rubberized. We hosted our first Track Meet in the Spring of 2012.  The turf field includes the full soccer field in addition to a turf ‘endzone’ with softball lines, a space for the softball team to practice


Auxiliary Gym – Part of the Rehoboth Sport and Fitness Center, the Auxiliary Gym has a rubberized surface, creating a space for physical education classes to be offered. Adjacent to the gym are multiple storage rooms and included within the gym are six adjustable basketball hoops that lower to eight feet, and a volleyball court. A climbing wall will be installed in the near future.


Trails – Although not maintained or owned by Rehoboth, the many miles of running, biking, walking, and hiking trails exist around the campus.

Keith Kuipers Gym – The oldest athletic facility on campus, the gym is comprised of a wooden basketball court, 6 basketball hoops, and a volleyball court lined out on the floor.