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Tuition Assistance & FACTS

2017-2018 Tuition Assistance:

Tuition at Rehoboth Christian School is charged according to family income. If applying for tuition assistance, your tuition cost will fall in one of the 3 tiers:
  • Tier 1: Full Pay with no tuition assistance from RCS
  • Tier 2: Partial Pay where tuition is charged based on income at the rate of 11% of modified AGI for the first student per family.  For each additional family member (grades K-12) 3% of modified AGI will be added for each student to the tuition charge
  • Tier 3: The minimum tuition charge is $3,500 for the first family member, plus $1,500 for each additional family member accepted into grades K-­12.
A Tuition Assistance application is required if a family desires to pay less than the net average cost (full tuition) of education. 


How to apply for tuition assistance?

  • On the right sidebar click FACTS Apply Now button to take you to set up a username and password
  • For more information about how to set up an account and Rehoboth's tuition process 
  • All families can apply after re-enrollment or after the new student online application is submitted
  • FACTS tuition assistance application has a $30 fee to apply and due at the time of submitting application
  • FACTS will ask you questions on income and expenses  
  • FACTS will ask you to also upload your most recent 1040 tax return including the signature page listing both parent's incomes with all students listed as dependents. A copy of your W2 and 1099 documents to verify income will also be needed.
  • Unreported income from a living parent or guardian may result in denial of financial aid for all students listed in the family
  • Tuition Assistance is calculated base on the 1040 modified adjusted gross income 
  • Tuition Assistance is not guaranteed and may not be available, in full, after the first day of school
  • Get more FACTS information 

 Click below to  begin your    Tuition Assistance  application