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Admission Process

New Student Admission Process

for Kdg-11th grade 


►A complete admission packet for a decision includes online application, supplemental forms, additional documentation, and a tuition assistance application (if applying)

Step 1:
Complete the online application, return all supplemental documents, other documentation along with your admission deposit 


Online Application - Please complete applications and forms for each student. Kdg must be 5 years old by Sept. 1, 2017
  • Supplemental Forms
    • Student Questionnaire for 6th - 11th grade
    • Character Reference Form for 1st - 11th grade
  • Pastor's Recommendation (optional)- To strengthen your admission application, you can ask your pastor to supply a recommendation and return to Admissions office in a sealed envelope 
  • Other Documentation 
    • Child's unofficial transcript/recent report card, and standardized test scores
    • Copy of Social Security card, Birth Certificate, and CIB (if an enrolled member)
Step 2:
Complete Online Tuition Assistance application 
  • Available through the FACTS management system online
    • FACTS is a software application that can be accessed through the Tuition Assistance webpage on the right sidebar
    • FACTS will ask for income, expenses and for parents to upload their 1040 tax return of both parent’s incomes with all students listed as dependents
    • FACTS will also ask for you to upload your W2 and 1099 documents to verify income
    • Tuition Assistance is not guaranteed and may no be available, in full, after the first day of school
Step 3: 
Interview and Testing
  • Admission Deposit
    • Prior to student testing, payment of your admission deposit of $100 (non-refundable) is due.  
    • The Admission deposit will be applied to the students tuition, if the student is not admitted, the deposit will be refunded.
  • Student Testing and Interview
    • Admissions office will contact parent/guardian to schedule an interview and testing 
    • Students in the 6th-11th grade are required to have a student interview and test date.  Normally done the same day.
    • Students in the K-5th grade are required to have a test date only. 
    • All new parents will be required to have an interview. If parents are current RCS family, the parent interview is waived.
    • Both parents/guardians should be present at the interview
Step 4: 
Recommendation for Approval
  • Your online application, supplemental documents, test scores, interviews, tuition assistance application will go for approval with the Admissions Committee
  • Parents will be notified of acceptance by the Director of Admissions via letter and email
  • Kindergarten students will be notified earlier of the acceptance decision
  • 1st-11th grade will be notified after re-enrollment ends with our current families (after May1st).
  • You will receive your tuition contract soon after receipt of your admissions acceptance letter