Apply to Rehoboth

New Student application:

for Kdg-11th grade


COMING SOON!  Online applications for the 2017-2018 school year will begin on March 1st. 


NOTE: only under very special circumstances do we consider 12th grade applications.Please contact the Director of Admissions. 

To have a complete admission application, the following needs to submitted:
  1. Online Application
  2. Supplmental documents (depending on grade) :Character Reference Form & Student Questionnaire
  3. Application deposit of $100 per student (if current RCS family, $50 per student)
  4. Child's transcript (unofficial) and/or a recent report card along with a copy of their standardized test scores
  5. Copy of social security card
  6. Copy of birth certificate
  7. Certificate of Indian Blood (CIB) (if applicable)
  8. Copy of immunization record (option of uploading in online application)
  9. Any special needs documentation such as IEP or a 504 (if applicable).


Computers available at the Administration Building to apply

Any questions about admission, please contact:
Verlena J. Livingston
Director of Admissions