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Parent Volunteering

We love families who volunteer!

Parent Volunteeer Program (PVP)

We know that getting parents or guardians involved in the school is important. It benefits the students, the parents and the school. This is the reason that beginning this 2019-2020 school year we are asking each family to give 10 hours of volunteerism throughout the school year.

More from our Executive Director on PVP

We encourage you to share your gifts and talents within your child's school or classroom. Please fill out our volunteer form and return to Administration building.  The school will then contact at the time of need. Please review also our volunteer guidelines.

Reporting volunteer hours

Volunteers are very appreciated and we would like for all parents and family members who volunteer to report their hours by filling out the form.  Just click on image at the end of each volunteer session and help us record your hours.   


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