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Mid School

Vigorously Academic

 Rehoboth Christian Middle School is a supportive community that values knowledge and exploration of God’s Creation. As Rehoboth Christian Middle School works to fulfill its mission, we seek to develop the Christian mind. The teachers are called to ensure that children are equipped with foundational skills and knowledge, but are also challenged to make our program innovative and responsive to the developmental needs of the young adolescent and the parents of our community. At RCMS, students are held to high standards, are expected to perform, and must be responsible. These expectations are high, but so is the level of support from the teachers. Combined together, this creates a learning environment where every child can be successful.

The curriculum of RCMS is designed to be Christ-centered and to prepare young people for the demands of high school. RCMS adheres to the National Middle School Association’s philosophy that curriculum should be “relevant, challenging, integrative, and exploratory.” The scheduling mixes children with a variety of learning styles and levels together as much as possible, however, it also allows for extra support for learners who need it. RCMS has a part-time Discovery Learning Center teacher and it receives some time from the Title I staff; both of these specialists assist learners with reading and math skills.

• Highly qualified teachers, who love middle school learners
• Core courses of RCMS include Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, Science, and Reading
• Other required courses include Bible, Physical Education, Art, Music, and life skills classes
• High accountability for homework and academic status

Beautifully Diverse

Rehoboth Christian School is committed to learning lessons from our past and embracing a future of beautiful diversity. We approach this task with a heart of humility and reconciliation. RCMS desires to celebrate a life of beautiful diversity, where peoples from every tribe and nation, from a variety of family structures, rich or poor, female or male, can gather together to glorify the Triune God in a Christian learning environment. Teachers use a variety of teaching styles and themes to embrace diversity and to demonstrate how God intends His people to love one another. RCMS affirms the uniqueness of each child of God and offers opportunities for a variety of skills, interests, gifts, and talents to be developed. We know that every child is created by God for a special purpose and that He desires nothing more than for each person to use the talents given to him/her. At RCMS, the teachers delight in unwrapping those God-given gifts in each child.

Thoroughly Christian

 Rehoboth Christian School declares that our world belongs to God. That is, not a single part of Creation falls outside of His sovereignty. This prescribes a certain philosophy toward education and teaching. The presence of God’s creative majesty is an integral part of all instruction and curriculum. God is foundational in social studies, in communications, in physical education, in science, in small groups, in social interactions, in use of technology – in everything. Our curriculum is rooted in Biblical truth, guided by a Christian worldview, and sighted by the RCS outcomes that we desire for our graduates. Our teachers strive to reflect and embrace the doctrines of the church and the mission of the school. We are on a mission to win the hearts and minds of our students for Jesus Christ, that they may accept His gift of salvation and become disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ.

• Curriculum rooted in Biblical truth
• Teachers are committed Christians who seek to disciple young people
• Weekly chapels to worship together


Part of our calling as Christians is to live in relationship with each other as we seek to live in relationship to God. In fact, Christ calls us to treat those we come into contact with as if we were meeting Christ himself. Love is a foundational element of Rehoboth Christian Middle School – we are the hands of God to one another. It is much more than a positive school environment, it is about living in true community. RCMS teachers believe that children will take joy in learning when they are in an environment where they feel welcomed, safe, and supported. The RCMS community actively promotes healthy and positive relationships throughout the body. This includes parents, children, teachers, staff, neighbors, strangers, and administrators. The “Elder’s Room” serves as a place set aside to host parents and visitors and offers parenting resources to families. RCMS seeks ways to serve our greater community through monthly service projects. We are a diverse and beautiful family and need to truly care for one another as brothers and sisters.

• Every child is a member of a small group who meets with an adult advocate
• Relationships and interactions built on “E5” (Ephesians 5)
• Scheduled and spontaneous gatherings to rejoice together and to share each other’s sorrows
• Designation of the Elder’s Room for parents and visitors
• Volunteer tutors who come from around the country to help
• Monthly service projects in the greater community

Respect for Native Culture

Rehoboth Christian Middle School is committed to preserving and honoring the Native cultures of our area. As Christians, we rejoice that God created peoples to have different cultures and we seek to find ways that Native cultures can bring glory and honor to God. RCMS offers exploratory courses to preserve and teach native language, art, and culture. Every teacher integrates Native American history and culture into aspects of the curriculum. RCMS teachers use integrated units and produce programs that honor the native peoples of our land. Rehoboth is also committed to the hiring of Native American teaching staff, who can be role models for our young people.

• Native language and arts exploratories
• Integrated units that include Native history and culture
• Code Talker project to tell the story of these WWII heroes
• Designation of the Navajo Code Talker Communications Center as a place to honor our Elder’s and our language

Now Offering a 6th grade program named High Desert Horizons.

Where the classroom expands into local community and surrounding areas.

Using the place-based education model, the students are immersed into local heritage and culture, landscapes, ecosystems, opportunities, and experiences.