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High School

Vigorously Academic

 Rehoboth Christian High School's academic emphasis is shaped around three core ideas: rigor, relevance and relationship. These three ingredients are essential to the educational and personal growth of our students. Together they create a school environment that prepares students for the highest levels of contribution, service and performance.



* Highly qualified, professional and demanding staff
* AP and college-prep classes
* High expectations across the curriculum
* A no "D" grading scale and a "no fail" attitude


* Energetic, creative and culturally relevant teachers
* Senior presentations and digital portfolios
* All classes are taught from a Christian worldview
* All classes connect with students' "real world" experience


* A highly relational teaching and administrative staff
* Small classes that foster positive relationships
* Every faculty member is an advisor to a group of 12 students
* Every Junior and Senior has an adult mentor

Beautifully Diverse

One of Rehoboth Christian High School's strongest assets is the diversity of its student body and teaching staff. Rehoboth Christian High School is an ethnically, culturally and socio-economically diverse learning environment which is a beautiful representation of God's kingdom.

* 70% of the students are Native American, 20% Anglo, 8% Hispanic, 2% other ethnicities.
* 51% of RCS students qualify for free or reduced lunch.
* Students come from a wide variety of Religious background (CRC, Baptist, Assembly of God, Pentecostal, LDS, Native American Church, Traditional Native Religions)

Thoroughly Christian

The RCS teachers and administrators are committed to teaching, mentoring, disciplining, supporting and counseling all students from a Christian Worldview. This means whether we are in the classroom, in the hallways, or on the athletic field our goal is to bring our students to a fuller and deeper understanding of who God is.

* Students are required to take Bible / Worldviews classes every year
* Chapels are held every week
* Teachers teach every lesson from a Christian worldview


Rehoboth is a safe, friendly and vibrant Christian learning community where students, teachers and administrators work and play together. Mutual respect and trust are key variables that create the positive community we call Rehoboth.

While we believe that it is important for students to be a part of a positive learning community, we also believe that it is import for our students to reach out to the greater community surrounding Rehoboth.

This is emphasized through:

* Regular community service projects
* Numerous choir and band tour and ministry opportunities
* Yearly mission and service trips
* Competing in interscholastic sports

Respect for Native Culture

Rehoboth Christian High School is committed to developing the next generation of Christian Native leaders on a local and National level. Towards this end, we desire that our Native students become fully aware of and embrace their identity as Native people and their identity in Christ.

This is promoted through:

* The instruction of the Navajo Language
* The instruction of Navajo Government
* Strong and inspiring Native role models amongst our staff and alumni