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Elementary School

Vigorously Academic

Rehoboth Christian Elementary School excels academically. Our student to teacher ratio is 22 / 1 and we are blessed with an outstanding volunteer and college student aide program which allows us to offer many tutoring and small group instruction opportunities. Along with the core curriculum, each student receives special instruction from a qualified teacher in Navajo Language, Art, Music, and Physical Education. Some highlights include:

· FAST program - A multi modality phonics based reading/language program.
· Title 1 Services - Reading and Math support for students in need.
· Standardized Testing - NWEA testing for grades 3 - 5
· Daily 5 /Cafe Reading and Writing Program - An individualized approach to helping students become great readers.
· Science Fair, Spelling Bee, Fine Arts Fair, and Star Lab are a few of the extra curricular opportunities which enrich our curriculum.

Beautifully Diverse

We honor the heritage of our students by exploring and celebrating the many different nationalities and ethnicities represented in our school! Our Elementary Rehoboth Creed states, "at our school we are each different, but we are one in Jesus." We respect each other and honor the gifts that God has given each of us. 

· Heritage Week - exploring and celebrating the many different nationalities and ethnicities represented in our school!
· Many different churches and denominations are represented in our student body.
· We are diverse in our God given gifts and abilities. We strive to develop those gifts in each other.

Thoroughly Christian

Our dedicated staff love Jesus and desire to pass on the hope that Jesus gives to each child who enters our doors. We discipline in love, applying Biblical boundaries set up by the school. We teach forgiveness and reconciliation as active components to healing relationships. Highlights include:

· Daily Devotions and Prayer - Each day we begin and end the day reflecting on and speaking to our God.
· Weekly Chapels - Worship and praise through singing, prayer and stories bring us together weekly with a common purpose.
· Faith Integration - "...Every subject belongs to God" from the Elementary Rehoboth Creed, reflects our commitment to integrate our faith into every subject that is taught on a daily basis.
· Wonder - Through Bible instruction children are taught to wonder about the awesomeness of God. Scripture memorization helps us write His words in our hearts.
· Commitment - children are challenged to commit their lives to Jesus and to build a foundation of knowledge and a life of service by hearing about and participating in opportunities to serve others.


Community is woven into the fabric of the Rehoboth Christian Elementary School. Growing together, sharing our joys and hurts, makes us one big family. Concrete ways we show this include:

· Reading Buddies - Older classes pair up with a younger class to read together in pairs focusing on instilling the love of and the practice of reading.
· Multiage Classes - Our combination classes (4/5 currently) are purposely created to heighten the sense of community within our classrooms.
· Counseling - A ½ time elementary counselor helps children develop healthy relationship skills and offers support in difficult times.

Respect for Native Culture

Rehoboth Christian Elementary School embraces all cultures especially the Native American peoples whom the schools mission was founded on. We are committed to teach and learn the language and customs which we hope will broaden our understanding and respect for all people. We do this by:

· Navajo Language class - A Navajo Language Teacher instructs each class from a Christian perspective for ½ hour a week.  
· Integration - Navajo songs are sung regularly during our chapel times as well as during classroom devotion times.
· Code Talker Library - Our Navajo Code Talker Media Center displays many artifacts telling the story of the heroism of the Navajo Code Talkers. Students are challenged to learn the Navajo code which was used during World War II.